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EzViz C6W - Black and Grey
Black and Grey
EzViz C6W 360 Degree Indoor Camera
  • Pan & Tilt Wi-Fi Camera
  • The décor that protects your home.
  • Auto-zoom motion tracking, especially for human movements.
JOD 49 JOD 79
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EzViz BM1 - Bunny Version EzViz BM1 - Bear Version
Bunny Version
EzViz BM1 Battery Powered Baby Monitor
  • Battery-Powered Baby Monitor
  • WiFi
  • Out of crib alerts
JOD 49 JOD 139
JOD 49 JOD 139
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EzViz TY1 - White - 1 Unit EzViz TY1
EzViz TY1
  • It’s got you covered – all day & all night.
  • Zero blind spots.
  • Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera
JOD 19 JOD 29
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EzViz BC2 - Black
EzViz BC2 Indoor Camera
  • Wi-Fi Smart Home Battery Camera
  • Stay powered on, with no strings attached
  • Goes anywhere, fits in any style


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EzViz T31 - White - CS-T31-16B-UK (Electricity Statistics)
EzViz T31 Smart Plug
  • Power-on Your Appliances from Afar
  • Several Control Options
  • Adjustable Indicator Brightness
JOD 10 JOD 19
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EzViz DP2 - Silver
EzViz DP2
  • Wire-Free Peephole Doorbell
  • A useful touch screen made for everyone
  • Greet every visitor with calm and ease
JOD 99 JOD 159
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EzViz T10C - White
EzViz T10C Water Leak Sensor
  • Water Leak Sensor
  • Safeguard your home from water damage
  • Long-lasting performance for year-round peace of mind
JOD 9 JOD 25
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EzViz UV-C Air Purifier - White
EzViz UV-C Air Purifier
  • Breathe Cleaner, Healthier Air
  • Strict, four-stage filtration
  • Disinfects the air with UV-C light.

JOD 89 JOD 119
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EzViz DB2 Pro - White
EzViz DB2 Pro 2K+
  • Wire-free and worry-free front door protection.
  • Set up in minutes, and use for about 4 months
  • Talk, before you get the door
JOD 79 JOD 129
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EzViz T51C - White
EzViz T51C
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  • Energy-Saving Design with Long Battery Life
  • Large 1.8-inch Display
JOD 24
EzViz DL01CP-BT - Gray
  • Add-on Multi-functional Keypad for EZVIZ Smart Lock DL01S
  • A keyless, flexible way
  • Easy to use but hard to tamper with
JOD 39
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EzViz DL01S - Gray
EzViz DL01S Smart Lock witn Number Pad
  • Redefine your front door with elegant, easy access
  • Keyless Unlocking via EZVIZ App
  • DIY Installation
JOD 89 JOD 149
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EzViz 4-Piece Home Sensor Kit - White
EzViz 4-Piece Home Sensor Kit
  • Energy-Saving Design with Long Battery Life¹
  • Compact and Cleverly Designed
  • Trusted security at your fingertips
JOD 69 JOD 99
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EzViz TY1 4MP - White
EzViz TY1 4MP 360 Degree Indoor Camera
  • It’s got you covered – all day & all night.
  • Zero blind spots.
  • Smart Wi-Fi Pan & Tilt Camera
JOD 29 JOD 39
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